An Unexpected Recovery

Reseacher Roland Knapp uncovers the story of the disappearance and the process of recovery of the Sierra Nevada Yellow-legged Frog. 

A Glimpse Into the Future, By Way of the Past

This video explores the operations of the Sierra Nevada Aquatic Research Laboratory and Valentine Camp Reserve (known together as Valentine Eastern Sierra Reserve, or VESR) alongside Director Carol Blanchette.

A Living Breathing Lab

Explore the benefits of SNARL’s lab facility within the natural ecosystem amoung interviews with Director Carol Blanchette and researcher Roland Knapp.

All This Rugged Nature

Former Director Dan Dawson describes the vast resources that SNARL’s surroundings provides.

A History of Preservation

Walk through the history of SNARL and how SNARL’s past help shape the reserve it is today.

Introduction to the Mushrooms of the Eastern Sierra

The May 7 lecture from the 2013 SNARL lecture series. Dr. Jonathan Bourne is an M.D. at Mammoth Hospital in Mammoth Lakes, CA and a mushroom hunter and enthusiast. The questions at the end of the lecture are difficult to hear, but it’s possible to infer what they are from the detailed responses.

Endocrine Disruptors in the Wind

Dr. Rebecca A. Lyons, University of Redlands Chemistry Department, presents how persistent organic pollutants travel across California.

The Ecological Importance of California’s Rim Fire

This is the second lecture in the Sierra Nevada Aquatic Research Laboratory’s 2014 lecture series. Dr. Chad Hanson is a researcher with the The John Muir Project of the Earth Island Institute. The lecture took place on May 13, 2014

Mighty Mammoth; Geological Insights into Eastern California’s Most Majestic Volcano

Dr. Brandon Browne explores the geological insights of Mammoth Volcano.

On Thin Ice

Dr. Gretchen Hofmann, PhD candidate Umi Hoshijima, and artist Lily Simonson take us on a virtual field trip to Antarctica to explore penguins, pteropods and the changing ocean and Lily Simonson discusses how her interactions with science and scientists have shaped her artwork.

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