The Sierra Nevada Aquatic Research Laboratory hosts a variety of classes for students of all ages. Schoolchildren in K–12 classes learn about the natural world through hands-on activities such as hiking, and nature study. Visits by University-level classes can be tailored to fit the needs of any discipline, including ecology, population biology, integrative biology, and botany, environmental science, earth science, geography, natural resource science, interdisciplinary courses, and art and literature.

Virtual programs

In addition to in-person visiting opportunities, SNARL offers a variety of virtual programs for students in first through fifth grades. These programs help students learn about the natural world from the comfort of their own homes. The videos employ a variety of interactive activities such as live animal encounters, virtual field trips, and hands-on experiments.

Students SNARL

University Classes

University classes from around the world use SNARL for field and lab experiences in a variety of disciplines.

Outdoor Science Education Program

This outreach program enables most elementary and middle school students in Inyo and Mono counties to visit the reserve.

Least Chipmunk

Virtual Programs

Virtual programs can be accessed from anywhere, so students can participate no matter where they live.